Company Overview

JMGM is a property development and building company. We focus on high quality residential apartments, and a range of mix used developments throughout Sydney and the East coast line.

JMGM PTY LTD currently has over $120 million of developments in progess.

Our objective is to deliver the best product at the best price, while maintaining the highest level of service and attention to detail. We take a partnering approach to projects; developing relationships with clients to understand their needs and goals in order to identify optimal solutions for the project.

We specialise in a wide range of projects including: new homes; alterations, renovations and additions; apartment interiors; building refurbishments; apartment buildings; commercial buildings and commercial fitouts.

We focus on gaining a deep understanding of the needs of our customers, beyond simply delivering an outstanding piece of construction work. Our aim is to guide our client’s from the very beginning in achieving their objectives.

Often, the project planning phase is undertaken without the involvement of the builder. We understand the importance of the contribution we can make in the early stages, not only does it increase alignment throughout the project, it also allows us to have a major impact on overall outcomes by ensuring we can effectively influence overall project costs and objectives.

Management Team

James Moses

Managing Director

James is a developer and has an extensive experience in construction business. He holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney, as well as a degree in Construction Management. James has in depth knowledge of site identification, feasibility, project approval and all aspects of procurement and delivery of projects.


We understand the impact that early involvement in the project planning stage can have on the overall project.

Our early involvement in a project will minimise project risks and maximise the impact a collaborative delivery will have on the overall success of a project. It allows us to deliver greater alignment between project intent and delivery.

We add value by identifying risks and providing practical, proven strategies to control and minimise those risks. We can improve the likelihood of a successful outcome in our ongoing drive towards project excellence.

The relationships we build and how we manage them ties everything together for us. We listen to our clients to truly understand their requirements and expectations. Only then are we in a position to take a leading role in the delivery of a project.